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SIXCAP launches
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We are a diversified group of businesses that use technology to drive change. From fintech to healthcare, education to digital media, SIXCAP leverages the power of the crowd to enrich, educate, and empower communities.
Financial technology is at the core of the SIXCAP Group, and is what got the Group started back in 2009. Using big data and powerful analytics, the proprietary Ricebowl™ engine generates actionable data on the currency markets that is used for both trading and risk management. Read more about TAGG.
In the developing world more than 70% of deaths are from treatable and sometimes preventable diseases. Education and self-management are highly scalable solutions for healthcare. SIXCAP provides a platform for individuals to source for accurate medical information for managing your health.
The SIXCAP Group includes several regional companies dedicated to training a new generation of currency traders, while the thundr platform takes the concept of the massive open online course (MOOC) to another level by offering professionals of all trades new ways to reach an audience eager to learn, as well as new ways to monetize their channels.
thundr, the Group’s OTT solution to creating and empowering the next-generation of digital communities, is core to the Group’s growth plans across all areas of its business. More than just a linear programming experience, thundr is an interactive platform that provides a mix of content for both entertainment and education. Read more about thundr.